Serving the greater St. Louis area, Alliance Environmental is trained to identify and safely remove asbestos-containing materials from commercial, residential, and industrial properties, mitigating potential health hazards and ensuring compliance with regulations. Our asbestos abatement procedures focus not only on removal but also on thorough cleanup and decontamination, ensuring that your property is free from asbestos-related hazards and ready for safe occupancy.


Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral fiber that has been extensively used in various building materials due to its heat resistance and durability. However, its microscopic fibers, when inhaled, can pose significant health risks, leading to serious conditions such as mesothelioma and cancer.

What Are the Dangers of Asbestos Exposure?

Exposure to asbestos not only poses severe health risks due to the inhalation of its microscopic fibers, which can become trapped in the lungs, leading to serious health conditions such as mesothelioma and cancer, but it can also present significant liabilities for employees, customers, and businesses. The presence of asbestos in the workplace or in commercial properties can result in legal ramifications, potential lawsuits, and costly fines if proper precautions are not taken to mitigate its risks and ensure safe handling and removal procedures.

How Can I Tell If Asbestos Is In My Home Or Office in St. Louis?

Detecting if asbestos is present in your home­ or office is crucial, given the pote­ntial health risks. Here are­ some steps you can take:/

  •  Hire­ certified asbestos inspe­ctors. Hiring professionals is the safest way to identify asbestos-containing mate­rials and assess any risks.
  • Visually inspect for common building materials known to contain asbe­stos, like insulation, flooring, and ceiling tiles. Howe­ver, remembe­r that asbestos fibers are microscopic, so visual inspe­ction alone may not be enough.
  • Consult local asbe­stos removal professionals or environme­ntal consultants. Hiring a professional who can guide you on the best course­ of action is advised. Until you know for sure whether asbe­stos is present, do not disturb any suspecte­d materials. This is crucial to avoid potential exposure­.

Is DIY Asbestos Removal Safe?/

Embarking on DIY asbestos removal is highly discouraged. Without the necessary equipment, training, and safety precautions, such attempts can disturb asbestos materials, releasing harmful micro-fibers into your environment, posing significant risks to occupants’ health and safety.


With Alliance Environmental, you can rest assured knowing that our team possesses the expertise, experience, and specialized equipment required to accurately identify and safely remove asbestos materials from your property.

Concerned about asbestos materials in your property?/

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